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Message from Phill Murray, chair of the 2020 SC Executive Committee

November 27/19 — General meetings of SC2020 will go on hiatus for the holiday month of December. Next meeting is Tuesday Jan. 14 @ the Kin Hut 7pm. We are announcing our events and times. We need coordinators and crews for each event. Many volunteers are needed as event coordinators and alternates. Each event will have its own crew of volunteers to meet its objectives. You will be appreciated and supported to make YOUR Sea Cavalcade a success. It's a big part of Gibsons and we need you to come out and be part of it!

The Exec. Committee says thanks for the work from Conchita Harding and the members of Sea Cavalcade that went into all the planning structure that was passed on to the SC2020 group. The Exec. have a much better understanding of what is possible and how we can successfully get there.

Our primary purpose is to create a fun community event that is safe & family oriented and that brings dollars and jobs to our town. We hope to create memories and opportunities that unify our neighbours and neighbourhoods. If you've been here awhile come out and show your spirit. If you are new, come out and meet some of the wonderful people that you live beside. Throw in the skills you have or learn some new ones. This is a chance to be a "part of" something that is bigger. We need your help and will appreciate your enthusiasm. Come and join us in making SC 2020 a big success!

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information or clarification. We appreciate your interest and support.

— Phill on behalf of Sea Cavalcade 2020 Executive Committee


The 50th Annual Sea Cavalcade (2018) was a fun-filled weekend for you and your family! There were events for all ages and levels of activity, from toddlers to seniors, spectators to competitive athletes.

…and more! See full schedule

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What's New

  • Sea Cav 2020 planning has started! The Sunshine Coast Sea Cavalcade Society is looking for individuals to volunteer in the coordination, planning and implementation of the 2020 Sea Cavalcade family festival. We need YOU for the festival to happen!