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2020 Sea Cavalcade Executive Committee Chair: Phill Murray

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Volunteers needed

The Sunshine Coast Sea Cavalcade Society is looking for individuals to volunteer in the coordination, planning and implementation of the 2020 Sea Cavalcade family festival.

The positions requiring volunteers include:

Volunteer Executive positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

Volunteer Committee positions: Arts/Crafts Vendors & Educational Booths, Parade, Family Day, Business and Window Decorating Challenge, Fireworks, Golden Girl, Royal/Princess/Prince, Traffic Control, Logistics, Pancake Breakfast, Live Entertainment, Kids Fishing Derby, Merchandising, Publicity, Fundraising.

Important points to consider:

  1. The new committee will report to SC Sea Cavalcade Society Board of Directors on a regular basis
  2. Do you have event planning/coordinator experience?
  3. You will need leadership/organizational skills; be able to multi-task
  4. You will need to troubleshoot; handle conflict resolution; be self motivated, have new ideas; be able to manage time well and prioritize; be creative; possess marketing skills
  5. Do you have the ability to recruit performers and committee volunteers as needed?
  6. Can you demonstrate expertise in budget management, fundraising, grant applications?
  7. Do you have a broad knowledge base and the ability to develop partnerships with sponsors or other non-profit organizations?
  8. Do you have an understanding of liability insurance, permits (municipal and provincial)?
  9. You will require a Criminal Record check
  10. Can you coordinate volunteer committee meetings and maintain records/manage logistics?
  11. Be prepared to agree upon creative festival 'themes' with the committee and other stakeholders.
  12. Are you happy to present plans in open meetings to other interested stakeholders?
  13. Can you organize events from conception to completion?
  14. Arrange program schedules/manage on site logistics and direct sound/technical services/Masters of Ceremonies?

The SC Sea Cavalcade Society would like to hear from you. Please submit your Letter of Intent as soon as possible.

Attention to: SC Sea Cavalcade Board of Directors. Email:

Thanks for considering volunteering and continuing the Sea Cavalcade tradition that started 50 years ago.