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The Sea Ball Race 2018

Sea Ball Race

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WIN over $1500 in The Sea Ball Race! Only 1000 raffle tickets will be sold for $5 each. 1000 colourful plastic balls will drop at Gower Point Road and roll down the road to the finish line. The plastic balls that make it to the end will go into a box for the numbers to be drawn: first the cash, then more additional prizes. If one of your balls gets stuck in the obstacles, you can get it unstuck by blowing on it with a paper towel roll; however, you can only touch the ball ONE TIME.

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  1. $500 cash
  2. $500 cash
  3. $100 cash
  4. $100 cash
  5. $100 cash
  6. $100 cash
  7. $100 cash


Draw to be held on July 29, 2018 at 4:30pm, Winegarden Park, Gower Point Rd, Gibsons BC

1000 tickets, $5 each

“Know your limit, play within it”

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