Keats to Armours Mile Swim

Results & Photos 2018

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Results 2018

Time = actual finish time plus 1 minute 15 seconds if wearing wetsuit

123Sarah Crawford26:27
234Emmajean Neal27:15
321Grace Milley27:33
418Darren Molder28:12
528Mike Metze28:27
629Lindsay Carswell29:57
72Robert Kaufman30:00
88Joao Santos30:42
922Michael Crawford32:01
104Noah Grant-Byrnes32:29
1138Sa Boothroyd32:52
1214Chantal McCartin33:43
1330Lindsay Cole35:12
1424Genevieve Higgs35:33
1510Courtney Covernton36:04
165Anna Verspoor36:22
1713Alex Walker37:34
1839Marion West37:46
1936Tom Lewis39:04
2033Virginia Cullen40:15
2111Paul Gornall41:04
226Kim Wilkinson41:05
2312Cori Knowles41:15
2426Cari Miller42:26
2537Janet Perry42:29
263Ian Hall42:31
2717Jen McParland42:44
281Marcus Heyes43:25
2920Vanessa Richmond45:07
3027James O’Sullivan47:24
3115Erin Ryan47:55
329Brian Covernton52:20
3319Sara Gillingham52:32
3435Graeme Green53:50
3531Joy Egilson55:21
3532Megan Egilson55:21
3716Synnove Godeseth59:47
-25Bella Miller-HoggDNF
-7Teresa NganDNF

Surf & Turf Mile Challenge

Five athletes did both the run and the swim this year. Congrats to Lindsay Carswell and Grace Milley, the male and female winners of the Surf & Turf Mile Challenge!

Place  Name              City             Cat.      Run    Swim  Combined*
  1    Lindsay Carswell  Vancouver        M40-49    4:52   29:57    12:21
  2    Michael Metze     Seattle WA       M20-39    5:47   28:27    12:54
  3    Grace Milley      North Vancouver  F16-19    6:07   27:33    13:00
  4    Anna Verspoor     Roberts Creek    F20-39    6:37   36:22    15:52
  5    Synnove Godeseth  Gibsons          F20-39    8:47   59:47    23:44
*Run time + Swim Time/4

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