The Fraser Blues Formation Demonstration Team

The Fraser Blues in formation

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The Fraser Blues are a feature performance at the Sea Cavalcade. They will be flying Sunday afternoon at 2:00. The team is led by a former Canadian Forces Snowbirds Lead, and fly 1940s vintage L-17 "Navion" aircraft. The "Blues" provide a unique demonstration of close, dynamic formation flying in aircraft available to the average GA pilot.

Meet the Pilots

(bio info from past appearances)

George Miller

Leading the team is retired Colonel George Miller who, today, is manager of the Langley, BC, airport. For more than 35 years he was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, flying F-86 Sabres and CF-104 Starfighters in Europe, and with the Golden Hawks, Canada's first jet military aerobatic team. George went on to become a team leader of the Canadian Snowbirds.

Guy Miller

Guy Miller, from Abbotsford, BC, flies in the number two position (lead's right wing). Guy is a former CF-18 Hornet fighter pilot and instructor, and a former Cathay Pacific Airways 747-400 line pilot and simulator instructor.

Clive Barratt

In the number three position, on lead's left wing, is Clive Barratt. With 65 different aircraft types flown, Clive is a former Canadian Forces instructor pilot, search and rescue pilot and accident investigator. Today, he flies for an airline and lives in Chilliwack, BC.

Gord Ball

In the number four position (line astern) is Gord Ball, from Abbotsford, BC. Gord is a former CF-104 pilot and retired airline captain. During his career, he flew many aircraft including Huey helicopters, 737s,727s, DC-8s and DC-10s.

Meet the Coordinator

Dave Arnold
Dave Arnold
Ground Crew Chief and Commentator

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