Message from 2016 Sea Cavalcade Committee

Welcome to a wonderful weekend of fun! We have a host of new experiences for everyone to enjoy at our "Circus by the Sea" this July 23rd and 24th.

We wish to bring your attention to some of our dedicated committee members. Sandra Cordero has joined our committee this year and she is lining up great entertainment from our coast talent resources for our shows in Winegarden Park. Teresa Nightingale is both managing our web site as well as hosting the Mile Run. Greg Carter is busy planning the details for the parade and enrolling floats and entries. Margarethe Persson is running our monthly tailgate sales at Sunnycrest mall and enlisting volunteers to help with all of our festival activities during the festival weekend. Wendy O'Hagen and the Golden Girls are busy selling the Annual Raffle tickets at the Sunnycrest Mall and various locations.

Gary Mill is preparing another spectacular fireworks show for Saturday night. There are many, many tasks to be completed to create our festival and we work all year long to make it a success.

Children will be able to make their own juggling balls, dress up as a clown for our clown contest and participate in both land and water sports. There are our traditional family activities, events and foods for all to enjoy as well. If you are a kayaker or SUP-er, register to race on Sunday morning.

And, we have a special treat for everyone this year. From 9:00am to 8:00pm, both the HMCS Oriole ship and Canadian Navy ship will be open for you at the Gibsons Government wharf. So, come have fun as a family as we have a circus by the sea on July 23rd and 24th!

Schedule of Events